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At Expansion Studios we look at whether an individual has characteristics that we are looking for in order to have a healthy, fun and productive work environment. We are very serious about this as it has proven to us that this is the best way to get results. Before considering submitting your CV you should check this list to see if you match the attributes.
  • Expansion Studios-energy: Having fun at work and getting the best out of work by working with passion, excitement and a positive attitude
  • Genuinely care about delivering results: Our job satisfaction comes from making real change, a real difference
  • Supporting people's personal growth: Driven to help others to develop and grow
  • Believe anything is possible: Having no limits and constantly striving to conquer new fields and new areas
  • Tell you what you need to hear: We are realistic and honest with our clients and each other even when its what they want to hear but what they need to hear
Jobs Available
  1. Creative Web Designer
  2. Android Developer
  3. iPhone Developer
  4. Php Developer
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